Product Advertisement – Juicy Couture + Saint Laurent

When I heard of this project, I was instantly excited about it. I was a part of the yearbook team for 3 consecutive years while in high school, in both Brazil and Venezuela, which made my interest in Photoshop increase. I could easily work for more than 9 hours straight on a design in Photoshop; and I say this because I have done it. I have grown a major passion for editing in general thanks to my experience, and hope to continue to increase my knowledge in this area as it is essential for my major. For this project, I have chosen to recreate the brands ‘Juicy Couture’ and ‘Saint Laurent’.Juicy Couture Ad 2

Juicy Couture is a clothing brand originated in California. Although their products include sunglasses, bags, and jewelry, their most famous item is the velour tracksuit. In general, Juicy advertisements involve many colors as the company aims to be represented as a girly, and contemporary brand. This is why I used renowned fashion blogger Chriselle Lim from ‘The Chriselle Factor’. In the picture I utilized, she can be seen wearing a Juicy Couture dress, and purse. The whole aesthetic of the picture reminded me of what a Juicy Couture ad looked like. Bright, and captivating colors invade the whole image, while she herself portrays what the typical Juicy girl is: happy, and independent. For the editing, I simply added the Juicy logo with a color that complemented the hues of the image, and also incorporated the brand’s website on the corner of the edited picture as they often do. In addition, I bordered the image with a white edge, which is a signature look they often portray in their advertisements. The ‘Los Angeles, California’ caption is regularly added to their ads as well, that is why I decided to capture that striking mark, and implement it in my recreation.

For the next ad, I decided to recreate the style of the brand ’Saint Laurent’. Contrary to Juicy Couture’s style, Saint Laurent portrays a duller, and gloomy style. Being a more ‘mature’ brand, the use of colors is mostly avoided. Their ads are generally more simplistic, and edgy. I attached two 8.5×11 inches spreads in order to replicate how a magazine looks. Saint Laurent ads are generally in higher end magazines such as Vogue, and Glamour, which are targeted for older, and wealthier audiences. On the first page on the left, the minimalistic look of their logo is reflected. For the picture on the right I decided to use Brazilian Fashion Blogger, Thassia Naves. She is seen wearing clothes that mirror the same flair that the Saint Laurent house designs. In addition, I made the picture black and white in order to correlate with their advertisement campaigns.

Saint Laurent Final


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