My Montage Project


For my montage project video, I decided to focus a lot on the cities I’ve had the chance to live in, as they shaped much of what I am today as a person.

As some of you know I’m from Venezuela. This is why the city I was born in and spent most of my childhood in, Maracaibo, was placed at the very beginning of the video. We can see the “Maracaibo” sign, which is located in a public park called “Vereda del Lago,” where people can go and exercise, spend their leisure time at the waterpark built inside the Vereda or simply sit around and relax in nature. The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá church is the next landmark in the video. I grew up Catholic and therefore very devout to the local Virgin. This place is very sacred to me and love to go whenever I visit the city. The next spot in the video is known as “The Plazoleta,” which is a square in the city, where another monument in honor of the Virgin is located.

After that, I give a little sneak peek of what Neuquén, a city in the south of Argentina and where I moved when I was 12, looks like. The overview is of a square in downtown Neuquén, where I used to pass everyday to get home from school. The next clip is a close up of the monument to General San Martín, located in the city center. San Martín was an Argentinian general who was a prime leader in the liberation of Chile, Argentina and Perú from the Spanish rule.

Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, comes next (secretly my favorite city in the whole entire world.) A variety of landscapes can be seen, from the beaches of Barra da Tijuca, to the Sugarloaf Mountain and the Christ Redeemer. I feel incredibly inspired by this city, from its people and their wonderful energy to its breathtaking views.

Next is a collection of my favorite memories with my favorite people. We have my godson first, Juan Pablo, or as we call him JP, son of my uncle and aunt. Then my parents dancing during Christmas; a video with my grandma, whom I love infinitely; my puppy Mylo, my High School graduating class and more pictures from my family’s Christmas celebration. Following that is a video of my friend Manuel and I having brunch at Oxford Exchange, in Hyde Park, a video of my friends and I at a concert at Busch Gardens, and my mom and I having a bit of fun with Snapchat filters.

I felt like I hadn’t included my brother too much in this video, so I figured I’d add in that little clip of us in the car. He hates pictures but he let me keep that video. Mylo follows, again, being his crazy and playful self, along with a video of Jessica, Isabel and I at Hyde Park Cafe and another video of me and my friends at a party. I decided to close off the video with that funny clip of me because I considered it showed off a lot of my personality. A bit sassy, funny, girly and playful at times.

(For some reason WordPress is giving my video black bars on the sides. Please watch video on Youtube for no black bars. Enjoy!)




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