A look into: Danielle Bernstein

The definition of Girl Boss: Danielle Bernstein. Founder of blog “We Wore What,” the native New-Yorker writes about everything, from fashion to lifestyle to interior design.

Afternoons in camel and gingham 👩🏻‍🎨

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pop pop pop 💥

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With an Advertising and Marketing Communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Danielle began building up her empire by establishing her brands multiple collaborations and clothing brands. At the end of 2016, Berstein launched “Second Skin Overalls” a collection made up exclusively of every 90’s kid favorite: overalls. It started with “The Basics,” consisting of five styles of overalls in stretchy cashmere-like denim that hugs every curve of the body without losing comfort. The first batch of overalls made Danielle over $70,000 in three hours, according to this Elle article.

Since then, the materials have evolved into velvet and leather, giving the often simple look of an overall, a more edgy and feminine look, right up Danielle’s alley.


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Collection Two drops next month!

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Bernstein has also created a collaboration with Strut This, to elaborate her perfect workout pieces.

In May 2015, Bernstein opened up about the amount of money “digital influencers” make from publishing sponsored posts on Instagram. The Harper’s Bazaar article gave Bernstein and her brand a lot of exposure and gave her a reputation of being “transparent” in the web, as she declared that she made approximately $15,000 from an sponsored Instagram post.

If this doesn’t make you want to become a Fashion blogger, then I don’t know what will!


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